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Attorney Consulting Services International (ACSI) is a global legal consulting firm that provides the services of the best law firms worldwide to Fortune 1000 clients seeking elite attorneys throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Australia in a cost efficient manner. The core impact ACSI has is its ability to connect your entity to the top law firms globally which receives bids for the work required and negotiates on your behalf a below-the-market fee or alternative billing arrangements such as value billing to retain the winning firm’s services. This provides you – the corporate legal services consumer – with the most selective attorneys within each respective nation at huge savings in the hourly fees typically demanded by the world’s largest international law firms. Because many international firms charge as much as $1,000/hour for their top partners, the relative cost savings for ACSI’s client’s average between 30-50% as compared to standard international law firm rates.

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